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Ring-net Cabinet

Ring-net Cabinet Vacuum circuit breaker V

Vacuum circuit breaker cabinet V: breaking short circuit current of vacuum circuit breaker is provided with reclosure function. Between the isolation-ground-vacuum switch of load switch and three-position switch, mechanical interlocking is set and working position indication is displayed on the panel. Relay protection equipment provides overcurrent and quick-break and other protection functions.


Sub-section Post

Sub-section Post Box-type substation

A new type of environmental protection material is adopted for the box, namely, unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforcement membrane material (SMC), which can withstand the impact of various environmental and climatic conditions and chemical erosion and has the service life of more than 30 years. The modular combination and high-performance sealing design are adopted for the box. The entire box has a higher sealing performance, and can effectively prevent rain, dust and insect pests, in which the protection performance can reach the requirement of IP54 in GB4208. The box is designed with the unique internal and external air exchange channel, and meanwhile it can be equipped with ventilation fan (optional) to timely regulate the temperature and humidity in the box and has the functions of being waterproof, vapor-proof and adjustable to steam high and low temperature environment, etc. The three-point lock of ring network cabinet with waterproof cover is adopted for the box, and meanwhile it is equipped with a special metering lock (optional) which is safe and reliable and can meet the different requirements of customers.


Distribution Terminals

Distribution Terminals TTU

The YCA-100T microcomputer-based low-voltage monitoring and control device is a new generation of microcomputer-based intelligent monitoring and control equipment that is specially designed by our Company to meet the requirements of power plants, substations and power distribution room, etc., for intelligent monitoring and control, which can provide perfect monitoring and control functions for the inlet wire circuit with voltage grade 35KV and below, power cable or station transformer, fan and other primary equipment.



Components Live display

The YCA-ESG capacitive high-voltage live display device (panel type) is in line with the GB25081-2010 and DL / T538-2006 standard in power industry, which can timely reflect the information of the voltage state at the place where the switching devices are installed, and have nuclear phase function. At the same time, the display panel is of front-end detachable type and plug-in type of rear connector, fully meeting the requirements for replacing the live display with no power interruption, and the short-bridge connection is adopted, which has greatly improved the service life of the device.


Branch Box

Branch Box Branch box

The DFW (E) -12/24 series of high-voltage cable branch box is widely used in the node connection of 12 / 24KV cable system, which is a main electrical equipment for cable to collect and distribute after it outlets from the switch cabinet. The cable joint of the branch box is tightly wrapped with imported rubber with high-grade insulation for insulation, without exposing the live body. The DFW branch box is designed as outdoor maintenance-free operation, safe and reliable, whose protection level is IP33 to IP66 and underground tap can resist to the immersion of flood. The products are widely used in the distribution network in urban industrial district, residential district, business center, and mining and steel, automobile, petroleum, chemical, cement and other large enterprises as well as other occasions, especially suitable for the reconstruction works of urban power grid, which can greatly save electrical equipment and cable investment, and improve the reliability of power supply.